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Ian Sinclair follow's The Hackney Brook in Francesca Panetta's award wining Hackney Podcast on Water

This Sony Award-winning programme looks at water and how it fits into the lives of people in Hackney. Author and psycho-geographer Iain Sinclair follows the route of Hackney Brook, a subterranean ghost river which runs from Highbury to Hackney Wick and still makes its presence felt in ways both immediate and oblique. Then to Clissold Leisure Centre for Wet Sounds, a new music event in which electro-acoustic composers Francisco Lopez, Stefano Tedesco, Tom Haines and Leafcutter John serenade their floating audience through speakers both above and below the water. Moving on to London Fields Lido, architectural historian Simon Inglis explains how swimming pools in Hackney have their roots in the wash houses set up by 19th-century philanthropists in the battle against cholera.  And we hear from the people who work and live on Hackney's waterways today.

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