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Ann-Marie Fairbrother Artist 

Geography BSc(Hons.), Art MA (By Project), RCST Craniosacral Therapy, Plant Medicine

I am an Artist, a Craniosacral Therapist, Herbalist and Tai Chi student.

I could be described as a psychogeographical adventuress, a cartographer, layering sensory, material, known and imaginal worlds upon worlds wherein I discover and create art territories, landing perspectives.

I make sculptural art objects and interventions which are often temporal, interactive, experimental, site specific and in dynamic process. I explore deepening relationship within our human selves and with our wider ecological community. I like to invoke currency through play, sentience, spontaneity and deep listening.

Many years ago I was steered away from art and studied BSc Geography dropping me deep into earth science. I wanted to save the world, on struggling to find a way, poor as I was, I turned again to art, to at least save myself,  and became a bronze sculptor’s apprentice. 

Later I was invited to join an artist’s collective with a DIY punk and recycling ethos, we exhibited and ran creative innovative workshops. I concurrently studied permaculture working to setting up growing projects across London. 

A breakdown led me to doing an MA Art (by project) 2003 where I plumbed my own depths creating artworks bringing insights to light rooted in the hidden sensory world of being human looking to become more humane and create land for the unspoken. 

Since this time, I continued to make, exhibit, and run workshops, moving for a while to Cornwall where I was awarded a studio with the Borlase Trust.

After a period of griefs, I entered another learning curve in 2015 through studying to be a Craniosacral therapist and learning Tai Chi I continue to develop embodied awareness and my perceptive ability.

Training in Plant Medicine has enriched my capacity to kindle nature connection, inner and outer, and all this feeds into artworkings where there is confluence and aliveness.


I set this site up for 'Drawing the Hidden River' in 2020 as a live workbook.  In this site specific project tracing 'The Hackney Brook', an underground river in London, I footprinted  tracks in clay leaving postcards and QR codes linking to this site on route.

In 2021 I was profiled in artearth 

July 2021: Ann-Marie Fairbrother |


Since then, I was invited to collaborate with Movement Artist and Craniosacral Therapist Katsura Isolde on her residency ‘Where I meets I’ at Chisenhale Dance Space, we immersed ourselves in The Hackney Marshes, London and shared our practices. 

‘In collaboration with Mugwort’ has grown from this, an immersive performance and installation, a work in progress.

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