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Ann-Marie Fairbrother Artist

BSc (Hons) Geography, MA Art( by project), RCST Craniosacral Therapist, Herbalist

Temporal interventions  Installations  Encounters  Sculptural Objects


Embodyment   Experimentation   Plant Kingdom  Deep  Time  Listening  Human   Nature   Rekindle  Flow  Psychogeography  
Agency  Mischief  Play  Wu Wei 
Here under your feet

Made for 'Drawing the Hidden River' in 2020 as a live workbook. 
Now adding artworkings 'In Collaboration with Mugwort' arising from
immersions in the Hackney Marshes,  meetings with the plant kingdom
and growing through residency  with Katsura Isolde at Chisenhale Dance 2021

Image : Detail from silk cyanotype part of 'In Collaboration with Mugwort' project

Made in situ on the Hackney Marshes; Silk, Non-Toxic Chemicals, Artist's Body, Mugwort, Sunlight, Full Moon.

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