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Ann-Marie Fairbrother Artist

BSc (Hons) Geography, MA Art (by project), RCST (Craniosacral Therapist)

Temporal interventions, installations, encounters and sculptural objects.


Embodied Experience, Nature, Relationship, Experimentation, Dynamic Process, Deep Time, Flow, Site Specific, Psychogeography, Agency, Mischief, Transformation.


Inner experience and insight are drawn into artworks using temporal materials with a living dynamic that then acts to further transform the artworks and the artist.

e.g. Ice Cores melting, Jelly legs shrinking, Salt Anchor dissolving, Clay footprints printed being washed away. 

Artworks carry a not larger than life aspect encouraging engagement, creating a doorway, relating personally, an icebreaker, an invitation, you may dip your toe in or go deeper.

Art being fluid like water can move between diciplines and enter unknown territory, a language, a form of enquiry, deeply human it is necessary as we evolve in our ever-changing world and belongs to everyone.


Works first forged in the inner world create land or landmarks, albeit sometimes fleeting, in the outer world shedding light on what is held, territories for reflection feeding back to us, expressions of being human. There is more to us than meets the eye.

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